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  • Kellie Blake RDN, LD, IFNCP

Get off the Leash

We took the dogs for a nice, muddy hike today. The sun is shining and the temperature is finally warming up, so we decided to get out there and enjoy nature. I'm a protective dog mom, so having the dogs off the leash in unfamiliar territory makes me nervous. But, walking muddy trails is a challenge and being dragged by a dog on a leash makes it almost impossible to stay upright, so OFF THE LEASH they went! Bailey, Coach and Lilly - our three labs. Once we unhooked those babies, I saw the feeling of freedom in their faces as they ran through the mud puddles and jumped and played and just went at their own pace. I started thinking, this is no different than how humans feel once we're unbound.

How many of us are on the leash? Spend a few minutes thinking about what keeps you bound. Maybe it's food, medication, an unhealthy lifestyle or a 'disease' like obesity, heart disease, cancer, or diabetes? At the height of my autoimmune disease symptoms, I was certainly leashed. I was attached to a medication that ended up causing me more harm than it was worth. It never cured my underlying problem, it just sort of made my days tolerable, until at one point it stopped being effective at all. Being in that situation made me feel helpless and afraid of what might happen next. After all, what was going to happen when I ran out of medication to try?

When you allow yourself to be chained or leashed to the symptoms of a disease or whatever it is that keeps you from feeling your best and having a great quality of life, you lose the ability to create a positive/hopeful future. At one point, I felt no hope. Conventional medicine had done all it could do for my situation and the doctors I saw had nothing further to offer me.

In May of 2017, I decided to unleash myself. I started investigating different avenues of healing and over the past two years, my life has been completely transformed. I had no idea that my condition was actually reversible! I thought I would just take medication for my lifetime to control the symptoms and hope to avoid disease progression. How depressing is that? This journey of healing has taught me that almost ALL chronic diseases are reversible! Isn't that amazing? Every day, people are told their diabetes will never go away, or their high blood pressure will always be a problem, or they will likely never lose the weight. But, this is not true. There is something you can do, there is hope, there is always an answer. At the end of the day, you do have control. The 'disease' symptoms do not have to control you!

Where do you begin? It's definitely not easy, and it can take some time to discover the appropriate path for healing. Disease reversal requires lifestyle change, and that's hard. You must address and change your eating habits, your sleeping habits, your stress level, your exercise level, and your level of social connection. Working with a qualified provider who can partner with you is a great first place to start. A qualified provider can help you determine the root cause of your negative symptoms and work with you to create a plan of action that prioritizes what changes need to happen first.

Disease reversal requires hard work and change and dedication. But, it can be done - that's the good news - there is light at the end of the tunnel! If you are interested in learning how to unleash yourself, contact us for a free 15 minute phone consultation. We can help you regain your health and get you on the path to a great quality of life.

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