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What Would YOU change?

  I sometimes think about what things I might like to change about my life to this point. It’s not really all that productive to think about the past or dwell on the ‘what if’s’, but if I had the ability to go back in time and change anything, what would it be? In thinking about all the situations I’ve been in and obstacles I’ve faced over the years, I have to say lack of self-confidence has been key to all the things I might want to go back and change. Having more self-confidence would have allowed me to avoid some situations, but it would have most certainly allowed me to meet some of my personal goals earlier in life.

When thinking about past patients/clients that I have counseled on meeting their weight loss or fitness goals, lack of self-confidence seems to be a hidden theme. Many of us don’t want to admit that we’re afraid to try something new, or push our bodies past what we think they can handle. It’s uncomfortable to get out of our routine when we are unsure of what the results will be. What if we fail? What if we really can’t do what it is we’ve convinced ourselves we can’t do? We think it’s easier to just stick with what we’ve always known. So, going to the gym and wasting hours on the same old cardio machines or trying the latest starvation diet seems like a good plan. But, in all honesty, neither of those is an effective strategy for long-term success, so we end up giving up until January 1st starts next year and we give it another try.

The real success comes when you start believing in yourself and acting on it. We must continually set personal goals, smash those goals and move on to new challenges. We will never get anywhere by just doing the same ineffective things over and over. It’s frustrating, and no wonder we ultimately just give up.

It’s great to know that we don’t have to torture ourselves in order to meet weight loss or fitness goals. Sure, testing your limits can be painful and scary at times, but what an awesome feeling when you reach those limits and break through to new heights! It’s important to believe in what you’re doing for yourself. Sometimes, it just takes one person to help you overcome your fears. Once you meet one goal, that self-confidence starts to build and before you know it, you’re conquering the world, or at least you’re little part of it!

Long-term, sustainable change only comes about when you truly believe in yourself and open yourself up to new experiences. Never been in a weight room? Meet up with someone who is experienced and start a new journey. If you’ve never run a 5k race, learn from someone who can help you meet that goal. If you’ve never made your own meals at home, start exploring ways to teach yourself to cook. There are so many great resources available and so many people willing to share their own personal experiences! Life can be so monotonous at times, why not try something new and push yourself to finally meet the goals you’ve been thinking about for years?  You never know, you just might succeed...

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