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  • Kellie Blake RDN, LD, IFNCP

Personalized Nutrition for Chronic Disease Reversal

     As a dietitian, I'm frequently asked how I feel about certain diets.  Keto?  Low Carb? Vegan? Low Fat?  Weight Watchers? Calorie counting?  Those are tricky questions for me, because there may be redeeming qualities to each type of diet.  But, that doesn't mean that's necessarily the right type of eating plan for you personally.  I've heard on more than one occasion, things like, "I know I shouldn't be eating so many carbs" or "I think everything is ok in moderation."  Both of those statements could be true in certain situations, but maybe not in your specific situation.  

     The confusion surrounding nutrition is endless.  We all have to eat every day, so there's no getting away from it.   Some of us think about food way too much and others just choose to eat whatever and sort out the consequences later.  One thing is definitely true in our current food culture:  If you want to create a lasting, positive impact on your health, you've got to at least consider the type of nutrients you're putting (or not putting) into your body.  

How do you know where to start?  You first need to identify what is STAINing your health.  Do you have unmanaged stress, toxins, adverse food reactions, infections, or nutrient deficiencies that need to be addressed?  In order to move toward a life free of disease, we need to identify the factors that are keeping you sick or unhealthy.  Once we have this information, I can help you create a plan to target the source, remove those 'stains,' and get you on the road to disease freedom!   This is the beauty of functional nutrition and functional medicine.  We not only give you a place to start, we walk with you through the process to help you reach your specific goal/goals. 

It's always tempting to follow the latest trend or fad, but when it comes to nutrition, it's important to remember that what works for your friend or family member may not be healthy for you and can actually be harmful based on your personal genetics.  A functional nutrition/medicine provider will be able to assess YOUR history, genetics, lifestyle and personal goals to help you create a plan just for YOU!  We expect our doctors and dietitians to do this to some extent, but most conventional providers do not have access to order or are unaware of valuable testing that can be critical in determining the root causes of diseases or whatever may be STAINing your health.  In addition, conventional providers are not accustomed to using nutritional supplements instead of medication in certain disease states or in the prevention of disease states.  And conventional providers will likely not address the other lifestyle factors, such as stress management, sleep, social connection and exercise that are crucial to your overall health and personal goals.  

     As a functional nutrition provider, I can help determine the most appropriate eating style for your genetics and then help you fit that eating style into your day to day routine.  I can also address all of the other factors that may be staining your health.  Once you are on the right plan, the possibilities are endless.   You'll finally be able to stop worrying about that last fifteen pounds you want to lose or your brain fog or your achy joints.  Nutrition is the key in all of those things and so much more!    But, you don't have to have a chronic disease to benefit from functional nutrition.  I can partner with you to help you prevent disease as you age and improve your quality of life.

I offer free fifteen minute phone consultations.  Contact me to learn how to use nutrition and lifestyle to maximize your quality of life based on your unique genetics.  606-615-2585 or

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