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Nutrition Can Heal       Kellie Blake RDN, LD

If you had asked me to go climb some mountains 6 months ago, I would have probably been up for it.  But the pain and fatigue I was feeling on a daily basis would have certainly been in the front of my mind.   I would have pushed myself to finish the climb, but it would have been a dreaded experience.  My autoimmune diseases (psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia) were affecting my quality of life, probably more so than at any other time in the past 10 years of dealing with these symptoms. My quality of life was greatly reduced and I had little hope that I would ever feel better, much less normal!  

  Since May, I have been gluten and dairy free with my diet and I've had amazing results!  I have also learned so much about using nutrition to heal my body!  You would think as a dietitian this would be obvious, however, diet modification was never mentioned as an option to cure my symptoms by any physician I have ever seen.  But, nutrition seems to be one of the most important components to addressing the underlying cause of most autoimmune diseases!   

     In addition to eliminating gluten and dairy, I have been loading up on fruits and vegetables, cutting out junk food, and choosing healthier versions of my favorite foods (ie non GMO, organic).  I have been taking the Life9 probiotic, L-glutamine, and Omegagize3, and various Young Living Essential Oils (topically, internally, diffused).  I have been diligent about my yoga practice and have been getting a massage twice a month.  I feel a million times better, I have a much improved quality of life and can do the things I love and feel great while doing them!  

   This week I was able to climb those mountains and enjoy the experience!  Healing with nutrition is possible and there is always hope!  

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