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NutriSense Nutrition Consulting, LLC
Kellie Blake RDN, LD, IFNCP
Brandi Sentz CDE, MA,RDN, LD
Brandi Sentz


As Medicine

We provide personal nutrition counseling, research-based writing services, public speaking, and customized menus.

Kellie Blake
Healthy Salad
Meet Kellie & Brandi 
We are both Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN), each with more than 20 years experience.  We love good food and have dedicated our careers to helping people make lifestyle changes that will improve their quality of life!
Why choose NutriSense?
We believe that food IS medicine.  With our functional approach, we are able to help you identify the root cause of your symptoms.  Once that root cause is determined, we can assist you in making nutrition and lifestyle-related changes to maximize your quality of life.  We can often-times reverse chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune disease with these principles.
  RDN's are a highly educated group with the scientific knowledge to translate nutrition science into practical application!  RDN's are required to maintain the highest ethical standards, as well as remain up to date with continuing professional development.  Anyone can refer to themselves as a nutritionist, but by choosing an RDN, you can be sure you will receive expert guidance from a qualified professional!


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