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November 29, 2016

   I saw a post by a friend on Instagram dedicated to the struggle of balancing personal goals with all the demands life has to offer us and reality versus our own expectations.  It made me think about my own expectations for myself and how they can negatively affect my quality of life.  For example, my daily counting of calories, obsessive desire to log hours of exercise, and avoiding my favorite foods can really be a burden. I'm seemingly not satisfied until I've exhausted myself and then fall into bed only to wake up and repeat.  I've been on this hunt for perfection with my body for awhile and I've recently begun to ask myself why?  What will the "perfect" body achieve for me?  Why do I allow food and exercise to control me?  I had a very elderly malnourished patient last week.  She is very sick, not eating well, and possibly close to the end of her life if things don't improve.  During our discussion, I suggested a nutritional supplement but she declined, stating, "I don't want to...

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December 20, 2016

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