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    Who doesn't love a good snack?  I personally love snacking on salty, crunchy foods, so things like tortilla chips and granola are a weakness.  My husband has seen me mow down both.  But, I have autoimmune disease and maintaining a great quality of life has required a definite change in the fuel I put into my body.   I've learned how to satisfy that crunchy craving with a couple of healthier alternatives that taste great.  Roasted chickpeas and cashews have taken the place of my refined, junky old snacks.  Both of these snacks are super simple to make and less expensive than purchasing the prepackaged versions.  While you may be tempted to take the easy way out and just pick up either at the grocery store, remember to always read your food labels.  Many of the prepackaged roasted chickpea and nut snacks have inflammatory oils and sugar added.   If you see soybean, vegetable, or canola oils or sugar in any form, do yourself a favor and take a little time to make the healthy v...

As a dietitian, a large part of my day is spent talking to people:  patients, co-workers, family members,  and friends.  All different conversations, but when it comes to discussing lifestyle change, they all have one thing in common:  No one likes to change.  We all have unique food behaviors and habits and we spend years creating our routines as they relate to food.  But, often times, those food routines that have brought us positive feelings and happiness, lead us down the path to chronic disease and poor life quality.  Small choices we make every day, without our even knowing it, can chip away at our good health.   

     Half the battle is recognizing when you may need to change.  Your body will give you clues that there is a current problem or a problem on the horizon.  The key is to listen to what your body has to say and then learn how to give your body what it needs.  Listening to your body is no easy task, and des...

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December 20, 2016

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