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December 31, 2018


     We're more than halfway through 2019!  I sent these tips out at the beginning of the year and they are still relevant today!  It's never too late to make lifestyle changes that will improve your health and quality of life.  2019 can still be your best year yet, especially if you focus on making some healthy changes to your nutrition habits.  In order to be the best athlete you can be, prevent or reverse chronic disease, or set yourself up for a life free of disease, you must start with food first!   Here are my top ten nutrition related suggestions for 2019 to get you on the path to healing and wellness:

  1. EAT VEGETABLES FOR BREAKFAST!  I know it sounds odd, because we are so accustomed to choosing grain based cereals, bars, toast and sugary breakfast items.  But, those items are going to increase your blood sugar, which causes an increase in your insulin response.  You’ll feel drowsy and could ultimately develop a...

December 16, 2018


    Did you know your eyes can be a window to your chronic disease risk?  A nutrition focused physical exam can uncover issues long before you may ever know there is a problem.  In fact, your eyes can provide sign language that gives your physician or trained dietitian clues about your nutritional well-being.  Your eyes are the organ that can show the first signs of disease, infections, metabolic disturbances, and vitamin deficiencies.

     A highly trained professional can help shed light on conditions that seem to be a routine or "normal" part of the aging process.  For example, cataracts are a common condition, but can be a result of deficiencies in N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), glutathione, and Vitamin B2, and night blindness can be a result of Vitamin A deficiency.    Like so many ailments or conditions, these could be prevented or improved simply by correcting the nutrient deficiencies.

Your eyes also provide...

December 2, 2018


     It's well-known that sugar fuels inflammation and inflammation is the root cause of all chronic disease.   Autoimmune diseases are chronic in nature and one of the keys to recovery from painful symptoms is nutrition.   I've always had a sweet tooth, but since learning how to manage my autoimmune disease, I vary rarely consume added sugar, and I don't consume dairy other than butter.   I don't miss sugar, milk, cheese, or yogurt, but if I'm honest, I do miss ice cream at times.  My husband knows of my love of ice cream, so when he came across an article about hummus "milkshakes," he was quick to share.  I was somewhat skeptical just from the name.  Traditional hummus has garlic, olive oil, and tahini - none of which seems appetizing in the form of a milkshake.  But we gave it a try, and it's UNBELIEVABLE!    

     At this point in my autoimmune recovery, I could probably have a small milks...

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December 20, 2016

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