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September 16, 2018


     I've been a registered dietitian for 17 years, and have just been introduced to functional nutrition over the past year after struggling with my own autoimmune disease.  In fact, most of the dietitians specializing in functional nutrition have found themselves on this path because they have/had some sort of medical issue that couldn't be healed with conventional medicine.   I personally spent 15 years trying to improve my quality of life and heal my autoimmune disease with conventional medicine,  without any measurable result.   Since learning about the functional medicine/nutrition movement, my life has been forever changed.

   So, what is functional nutrition?  It's not just about food!  It's all about determining the root causes of your symptoms and developing a comprehensive plan to address the health of your entire body.  In my case, I had significant digestive issues, joint pain, swelling, headaches, overwhelmin...

September 6, 2018


     I am guilty of, at one time, claiming that nutritional supplements were a waste of money.  I've said more than once that using supplements is of no benefit and just leads to expensive urine.  However, that was before I had a complete understanding of the critical role that nutritional supplements can play in disease prevention and reversal, not to mention quality of life.   

     When thinking about nutritional supplements there are several things to consider:

1. Our recommended dietary intakes are based on preventing all out nutrient deficiency,  scurvy (Vitamin C) or rickets (Vitamin D) for example.  But, preventing an all-out nutrient deficiency is completely different than maximizing nutrient intake.  Nutrient needs can't be placed in only two categories such as deficiency or normal, they exist on a continuum: deficiency to insufficiency to normal to optimal to toxic.  Optimal nutrient intake should always be the g...

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December 20, 2016

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