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     One of the annoying things about autoimmune disorders is the unpredictability.   Unlike having the flu or a cold or an injury, where you know you'll feel bad for a certain amount of time, then feel better, with autoimmune disorders you can feel great, then all of a sudden, you're down for the count.  This happens to me frequently, the last time being Friday.  I worked a full day and felt pretty darn good, came home and was pretty normal until about 7:00pm when it hit me.  I struggled to even take a shower before bed.   One thing I've learned is this:   I never know when it's going to happen.  I can't predict it, I can't control it, and it can feel like the end of the world at times.   On my journey to find healing, I have completely changed what I eat.  As a dietitian, I know that food affects everything and I've had a pretty good diet in the whole scheme of things.  But now, I'm faced with eliminating some foods that were always staples for me...gluten and dairy, as well as tryin...

     What do you do when there are no answers?  I have been vocal about my struggle with autoimmune disease, if not only to vent, but to hopefully encourage other people dealing with these issues to communicate their frustrations.  It seems that there are no clear-cut answers, at least there haven’t been for me and I’m not sure what to do at this point.  I’m so frustrated with the practitioners I have seen in trying to manage these illnesses.  I’ve been having symptoms since 2007 and have been to three different rheumatologists in my area trying to create an effective plan for improving my quality of life.  I had to go to the Cleveland Clinic to get an accurate diagnosis and I’ve done so much personal research that I feel like I could open my own clinic and yet I still feel bad on most days.  My most recent follow-up was particularly disheartening.  I’ve been in this cycle since the middle of March and was hoping for some type of relief.  I don’t expect miracles, but I a...

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December 20, 2016

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