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    The food—your favorite food—is in front of you.  Why can you not lift the fork and put it to your lips?  It smells wonderful and your mouth waters and your stomach grumbles, but your head is saying, “No way!  You don’t deserve to eat today.”  You don’t lift the fork.

Sometimes, you are able to abstain from eating until the next day and you hear a tiny part of you say, “This is not good.”  A much larger part of you says, “You did it! This is what you need to do to be perfect.”  Sometimes, you are not able to resist and sneak to the kitchen when no one is around and eat the leftovers and whatever else you can find and promise yourself you’ll be better tomorrow.  Sometimes, you keep it down and other times you purge—ridding your body of the guilt.

You spend day after day, minute after minute, calculating your nutrition needs and how much you are eating daily and what can be cut from your diet. You missed your friends party because you couldn’t figure o...

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December 20, 2016

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